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6 of the Best Chicago Date Ideas for a Unique Experience

6 of the Best Chicago Date Ideas for a Unique Experience

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Planning an out-of-the-ordinary date, whether you're single or in a long-term relationship, may be tricky. Sure, you could go out to eat, but it's sometimes great to do something other than sitting across from each other at a table. That's why we've compiled a list of more inventive possibilities for you and your potential or current partner (while keeping current safety concerns in mind). Explore Chicago's attractions, share your musical taste, or enjoy smoked shrimp together. Here are a few original date ideas in Chicago for your romantic outing.

6 Great Date Ideas in Chicago

  1. See Neo-Futurists perform 30 plays in 60 minutes

While you can't take your date to the Neo-Futurarium right now, you can watch the Neo-Futurists' signature show on a laptop. Anyone who donates to the theater's Patreon page can watch a live webcast of Infinite Wrench, which crams 30 two-minute pieces into a 60-minute evening brimming with wild energy. A dramatic speech, a hilarious tune, or simply staring at someone eating a sandwich are all possibilities.

  1.  Explore musical tastes at 606 Records

You don't have to like the same music as the person you're dating, but having a few genres or bands in common is beneficial. At 606 Records, you'll discover classic rock and soul LPs alongside releases from adventurous local and international labels, so stock up on music you can listen to together. Maybe a Numero Group collection or a Mr. Bongo reissue would be the perfect accompaniment to your next meal?

  1. Take a long walk on the North Shore Channel Trail

You could stay around and passively converse with your date, or you might go for a walk and take in some gorgeous sights. The North Shore Channel Trail runs north to Evanston along the Chicago River, with many interesting stops along the way. You could stop at Lincolnwood Town Center, view the art at Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, or wind up at the Bahá' House of Worship in Wilmette, depending on how far you're willing to travel (you'll probably get farther on a bike).

  1. DIY drive-in movie theater

This could be the night out for you if you have access to a car and are ready to drive just outside of city limits. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, Rock Island Public House provides first-come, first-served drive-in movie screenings—you might catch a classic horror picture, a cult classic, or a popular comedy (check the website for a complete schedule). Order a drink and a meal to share, then try to concentrate on the movie… or don't!

  1. Go deal-hunting at Monarch Thrift Shop

At this renowned Avondale thrift store, pick up a new outfit or browse secondhand books with your friends, with revenues benefiting addiction recovery and those experiencing homelessness. Make a two-hour appointment on the Monarch Thrift Shop's website, and then show up ready to get some great prices on a variety of gently used products.

  1.  Smoked shrimp at Calumet Fisheries

What could be more romantic than a trip to the Illinois border to sample some smoked salmon from this well-known shack? For more than 70 years, Calumet Fisheries has been serving catfish, shrimp, and salmon. It's a takeout-only establishment, so grab your brown paper sack of food and find somewhere to share it, whether it's in your car or on the famed 95th Street bridge from the Blue Brothers.

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