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Fall Decor: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Like Autumn

Fall Decor: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Like Autumn

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The sun sets earlier in the day, it's getting chilly outside, and Starbucks is already serving pumpkin spice lattes.

It's time to adorn your home with seasonal motifs now that autumn has arrived (nice, huh?). Even if there isn't much interior room in your apartment, you can still keep everyone warm this fall.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to decorate your house with the sights and fragrances associated with the coziest season of the year.

Throws, cushions, and blankets, oh my.

To achieve two objectives at once, show some attractive wraps and comfortable blankets (being warm and decorating for fall). On a lazy day, nothing beats the coziness of a warm, earthy blanket. To give your house a "autumn vibe," choose classic designs like plaid and materials like chunky cable knit. We really enjoy three of them: this one from Pier One Imports, this cable knit throw from Wayfair, and this reasonably priced pumpkin throw cushion.

Light some candles.

As the days become shorter, you'll need a little more light in your house to elevate your mood. Prepare your rustic lanterns, tea lights, and votives. Purchase some candles with a fall aroma to make your apartment seem like a warm, inviting sanctuary. (Just keep in mind to blow them out before you leave or go to bed.)

Pumpkins Please

Using little pumpkins as decorations is such a charming way to usher in fall in your home! Any grocery store in the US sells goods in a broad range of colors, shapes, and sizes, including Trader Joe's (here in California).

Create a Wreath (or Three)

You may use a colorful fall wreath to embellish doors, windows, or even a vacant space above your stove or mantel. You may either create one yourself for a fair price or buy one for a fair price. You may also use corn cobs, miniature pumpkins, zucchini, berry garlands, or fall flowers to add bursts of orange, red, yellow, and brown. Here are some wreath-related ideas.

Fruit Bouquet?

To make the perfect autumnal statement, run a wonderful berry garland down the wood of any banisters or mantles you may have.

Create a table centerpiece with an autumn theme.

With seasonal flowers, pumpkins, leaves, pine cones, and of course, candles, make a DIY centerpiece to adorn your table. Really, all you need are a few fall elements, a tabletop, and your imagination to create something that looks festive at every meal. To make an affordable centerpiece, you may also arrange various-sized fall vegetables, gourds, pumpkins, etc. on the dining room table.

Fall Blossoms, Baby

Utilize ranunculus, dahlias, and accumulated yard waste, such as branches and leaves. Afterward, depending on the size of your arrangement, put the flowers in a simple vase or a rustic pot to make a beautiful arrangement for your mantel.

Do you have any further suggestions for autumnal decorating? In the comments, please!

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