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Explore Chicago’s Farmers Markets for Fresh, Organic Produce, Foods, and More.

Chicago farmers markets are the perfect place to stock up on local produce — and get a taste of each neighborhood’s local flavor. These community markets are social affairs, where neighbors gather each week to shop, chat, eat, and enjoy music and events. Some are seasonal, some go all year-round, and there’s a market every…

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5 of the Best Chicago Museums To See Your City

Chicago is home to an abundance of beautiful museums and rich history, so we decided to put together a list of a few of our favorite museums to get you started on your journey. All of these are fairly close to Catalyst Chicago and will introduce you to several different areas in the city such…

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Lakeside Lights: Two Ways to See the Navy Pier Fourth of July Fireworks Display in Downtown Chicago

See the Beauty in Your City Splash! Water laps the shore at Navy Pier and the city skyline glows over Lake Michigan. The fountains erupt as kids laugh and play, the Chicago sun setting behind you. Whack! The sound of the bat resounds from Wrigley Field as the Cubs take the lead, and suddenly… Boom!…

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Exploring the West Loop at Catalyst Chicago

Urban residential communities are known for their close proximity to city districts that offer something for everyone. From entertainment to business to shopping districts, living in an urban neighborhood can have its diverse and well-loved share of go-to areas that complement the entire living experience. However, in the city of Chicago, there is one particular…

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